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"We am, is, are, and be they whom as are known as the Electric Mayhem!" --Sgt. Floyd Pepper

EM is a guild led by experienced raiders setting out to build a solid raiding foundation. Our goal is to form a skilled, close-knit group that will focus on 10-man raiding -- serious about progression while maintaining a schedule that recognizes that we're all adults with careers, families, and lives.

We're looking for intelligent, level-headed players with just the right touch of geekiness (if you immediately knew where our guild name came from, that's probably a good sign) to add to our guild ranks and make Electric Mayhem a fun place to be. All classes and levels welcome -- we don't mind helping members level up and get raid-ready, as long as they don't require hand-holding and are ready to do their part to master their classes and specs. Newbies learn with time and guidance... but stupid and douchebag are forever. That said, also understand that since we do want to be a successful raiding guild, many decisions will ultimately be made based on performance. So try not to stand in the fire too much. Other than for the Deathwing achievement.

Raid nights are Wednesday and Thursday, 8:00 PM to Midnight server time.

We also frequently run optional "retro raids" on weekends for old-school achievement goodness, farming Sarth drakes, as well as optional guild PVP nights.

Please see our forums for more information on the guild and applying, including specific recruiting needs!

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